Hairstyles According to Dress

Hairstyles According to Dress

Hairstyles According to Dress

Your hairstyle should work with your dress to create an overall look. There is no sense on having a hairstyle that will not allow to highlight the beauty of the dress you are wearing. Choosing a hairstyle that help your dress to stand out will make you look more attractive and shine at any place and event.

Collar Detail

If your dress has any form of collar embellishment or detail, it is a great idea to choose  a hairstyle that allows this application to stand out and take the spotlight. This rule also applies to high collars and high defined necklines if you want to complement your dress.

Hair style for collar detail neck style

This up do works perfectly for this kind of party dress. The High Illusion Neck Draping Sash Formal Dress, Style Code: 09116 shows a high neckline style with beading embellishment.

You can try a bun or a knot hair style, fastening your hair on the top of your head. This will accentuate your collar and highlight the pretty details and you will look more sophisticated with this mature effect.


This type of dress gives you two options. Either you can keep an up do to highlight your shoulders to create an alluring look that will catch all the attention, or you can let your hair down to cover your shoulders.*

*Important note: This doesn’t mean that your look will be old. You can still being sexy and glamorous with this hair style.

Let’s continue…

For the strapless dresses there is a rule that needs to be followed: if your strapless dress is floor-length, feel free to go with an elaborate up do. Exposed shoulders are chick when your dress covers most part of your body, in this case the legs. In the other hand if your strapless dress is above the knees then you should go for a hair down or a low knot to add some modesty and maintain the equilibrium of the overall look.

Red Sheath Off-The-Shoulder Beading Formal Dress. Style Code: 10773.

In this picture we can see the model with an elaborate up do just perfect for a floor-length skirt type.


Ruching Asymmestrical Sequin Waist Backless Formal Dress. Style Code: 08681

Here Beyoncé is using a far side part and low ponytail that can match perfectly with this beautiful backless dress.

Wearing a backless dress is a perfect opportunity to use a low-ponytail. This hairstyle is suitable for girls with long her giving a sleek finish. Backless dresses also work good with up do’s or half do’s because what we want to highlight is the detail of the back, so it wouldn’t be a good idea not to cover this part. You can also try to collect half of your hair into a bun and leaving half free in tousled waves. This will work well with a low backless dress, with little embellishment. Avoid this style if your dress is busy or textured.

Low cut

For this type of dress, a plain hair style is the best option. Too much hair with details or different waves can be too much of everything. If you have a long hair you can wear it simple and straight or center part around your shoulders. This will create a minimalist look and will allow you to look sophisticated and not too exposed.

Low Cut Front Zipper Bandage Night Going Out Dress. Style Code: 08361

The model in this picture is wearing the Low Cut Front Zipper Bandage Night Going Out Dress. Style Code: 08361. She is wearing a plain and straight hair style that makes her looks gorgeous.

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